State Chemicals

We make the difference

About Us

State Chemicals are all about development & manufacturing of formulations for industrial applications or any specific need.

We manufacture liquid and powder detergents,Disinfectants & Sanitizers, Degreasers, Hand Cleaners & Soaps, Barrier Creams, Carpet & Floor Care Products, General Purpose Cleaners, Laundry Detergents, Spot & Stain Removers, Water Based Degreasers and a Full range of Aerosol Products

Mission & Vision
We at State Chemicals strive to provide quality products, customer satisfaction & service excellence.

Black Empowerment
State Chemicals is a micro company which is exempt from BEE with a level 4 rating.
At present, State Chemicals do have implementation of BEE and are moving towards the black empowerment criteria.
Mandarina Trading 252 T/A State Chemicals was established in June 1988 but State Chemicals in 2002.


Our experienced management makes sure that all your needs are met. 


Our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled employees who continually meet the high quality standards our company is committed to.